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High Altitude / High Speed Aerodynamics

The High Altitude / High Speed Aerodynamics module is designed for pilots who are flying higher performance aircraft that routinely operate above 25,000 feet and/or Mach Numbers (MMO) Greater than .75. After providing a description of the High Altitude Environment, we review High Altitude Aerodynamics, hazards associated with high-performance flight regimes, and Aircraft Design characteristics.


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  • The Environment
  • The Aerodynamics
  • The Problems
  • Aircraft Design
  • FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 61-107B
  • EASA Safety Information Bulletin 2015-07 Prevention of Hazardous Low Speed at High Altitude Cruise
  • EASA Safety Information Bulletin 2015-17 Unreliable Airspeed Indication at High Altitude /Manual Handling at High Altitude